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Art on the Rox: A Knight in Camelot
Saturday, October 13, 2012Color the Dragon

Just for fun...


Hey all of you lads and lasses, download and color the Knight in Camelot Dragon.


Costume Ideas:











Make your own Medieval Props/Adornments:

CAPE or ROBE - Make a cape from a piece of velvet material. Add some fake fur and gold cording for the collar, if desired.

STAFF - Spray paint a curtain rod gold.

CROWN - Get a Burger King crown and spray paint it gold. Decorate your crown with fake jewels (found at local craft store).

CRESS - Use felt and glue to make your own cress or coat of arms and adhere it to your outfit, a cress can be easily made out of felt and attached with safety pin, stitch, hot glue or Velcro.

DRESS UP AN OUTFIT - check second-hand stores (like FOR's Sarah's Second Chance Thirft Store @ 601 Chartiers Avenue, the storefront of Hollowood Sound & Music) for inexpensive garments. Add shimmering fabric, fake fur, gold cording, tassels, etc. to your outfit (found at local craft store).

MAIDEN'S HAT - Spray paint a cone-shaped party hat a solid color. Add a piece of sheer fabric to the top to cascade down.

SIMPLE DIRECTIONSHow to make a medieval costume


Don't have time to make your own costume? Visit Halloween Adventure conveniently located in Robinson Township.


Thy Olde English Tutorial (courtesy www.aKnightofMurder.com)

English / Olde English

Instead of Saying

Say Ye This

Do / Dost

Do you know the time?

Dost thou knowest the time?

You are / Thou are

You are very pretty.

Thou art very pretty.

Your / Thy

Your pants are purple.

Thy breeches are purple.

You / Ye

You are quite handsome.

Ye art quite handsome.

Where / Whither

Where is the restroom?

Whither is the privy?

Here / Hither

Come here.

Come hither.

Later / Anon

I'll see you later.

I will see you anon.

Alright / Splendid

Alright! Cool!

'Tis most splendid!

Has / Hath

He has a lot of money.

He hath a lot of money.

Morning / Morrow

Good morning, ma'am.

Good morrow, my lady.

Day / Den

Good day, sir.

Good den, my lord.

Gentlemen / Good Gentles

Greetings gentlemen.

Greetings, good gentles.

Bud / Sirrah

Get lost, bud.

Make your leave, sirrah.

Beautiful / Beauteous

It's quite beautiful.

It is most beauteous.

Yes / Yea or Aye

Yes, I think so.

Yea, methinks so.

No / Nay

No, I don't think so.

Nay, methinks not.

Why / Whereforre

Why do you need it?

Wherefore needest it thou?

Ask You / Bid You

I ask you.

I bid you.

Please / Prithee or Pray

Please, what is the cost?

Prithee, what is the cost?

Thank You / Grammarcy

Thank you, you are kind.

Grammacy, you are most kind.

I Think / Methinks

I think we're late.

Methinks that we are late.

Swear / Troth

I swear!

By my Troth!

Long / Goodly Length

A long time ago.

A goodly length in times past.

Addressing Nobility

Good evening, sir

Good eventide, My Lord.

Addressing Nobility

Good morning, ma'am

Good morrow, My Lady.

Addressing Officeholders

Hello, Constable (or Knight)

Your Honor

Addressing Well-Dressed

Good morning.

Good morrow Sir or Madam

Addressing an Equal

My friend, how are you?

Goodman, how fare thee?

Addressing Children

What's your name, kid?

What be your name?

Addressing Servers

Waitress, drinks all around!

Wench, breakers all around!

Nothing / Naught

I have but nothing.

I have but naught.

Goodbye / Fare Thee Well

Goodbye, my friend.

Fare thee well, My Goodman.

Goodbye / Adieu

Goodbye, ladies.

Adieu, My Good Ladies.


Make-your-own costume props and instructions; and Olde English tutorial courtesy of (AKnightOfMurder.com)